How to find acting auditions and casting calls

Acting auditions are a great way to get started if you’re interested in acting. There are many ways to do this. Hiring an agent is one of the most popular ways to do this. You can also look through job boards or social media to find opportunities. You may find your next job if you put in enough effort.

Locate a talent agent

Ask your friends, classmates and agents to send you a headshot, resume, and contact information.

  • Send your resume, headshots and reel to the talent reps.
  • Find a group of local actors if you don’t know anyone who has connections to talent agencies. They can help you create your reel and locate the right photographer for your headshots.
  • A personal recommendation may be necessary to find a talent agency. It is important to have someone who has experience in film, TV, or commercial productions, put your name forward.

Acting in commercials, feature films, plays, or local films can give you valuable experience.

  • This may help you get noticed by talent agents, even if it’s a low-paying volunteer job or part of school productions.
  • Acting is a serious business. It doesn’t matter if you act in a commercial, student movie, feature film or documentary. Any film can help build your brand, reputation, reel, and resume.
  • You can share your videos on social networks if you’re talented. This will allow you to show your work to people in the entertainment sector.
  • Managers and talent agents go to plays looking for the next big star. You might be the next star to be discovered.
  • These opportunities will allow you to improve your acting skills. Any experience is helpful and can help you build your acting career.

A happy girl at home speaks in front of the camera to create a vlog. 

A young black woman is a blogger and records video tutorials for the Internet. Establish connections within the entertainment industry. You can get exposure to the entertainment industry via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • It is important to be careful when approaching talent agents via social media.
  • Don’t be too desperate, as this could cause a business relationship to end in disgrace.
  • It is a good idea to consider the content you want to share on social media to convince talent agents and casting directors of your interest in hiring you. Please don’t post anything you don’t want them to hear or see.
  • Participating in conversations with agents via social media by commenting on their posts, photos, and videos is the best way to reach them. Sending a message and your video reel, and a short message is also a good way to communicate with agents.
  • Please do not assume they will not reply to your messages. It would be best if you stopped sending multiple messages. This can cause problems with your relationships with other agents. The entertainment industry is small.

Participate in a showcase. Agents may hold auditions for new talent.

  • These showcases can be very competitive.
  • You’ll want to be noticed and show why you are a good fit for their agency.
  • You should look professional and be able to match your headshot. People who don’t look like their headshots rarely get hired.

Set up a meeting with a talent agency

  • Once you have established a relationship and become acquainted with a talent agent, setting up a formal meeting is a good idea.
  • Talent agents often look for confidence, commitment, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the opportunity.
  • Be prepared to share your acting interests and experiences.
  • You have the chance to convince the agent that you are worth their investment. Demonstrate why you are a valuable asset to their talent agency.
  • Important to remember, if you don’t have any experience in the industry, you shouldn’t expect the agent to give you a warm reception at a meeting.

Steps to take to hire a talent agent or manager. 

A talent agent or manager will help you find job opportunities, acting auditions, and casting calls for you.

  • Traditionally, you must pay them between 10 and 20% of your salary after you get your job with an agent.
  • You are not guaranteed to find work by hiring an agent or manager. Although talented agents represent many actors, they do not get enough acting work.
  • Before you sign anything, make sure to read and discuss the contract with your manager and agents. There are many scams, and you don’t want to fall for them.
  • Your agent will help find the best auditions for you and recommend you to directors and producers in the film industry. However, this is not a guarantee of a job.

Acting auditions are available.

Photo of smiling hippies

women and men taking a selfie in the forest make use of your network. Ask friends, acting coaches, and fellow actors if they have any information about acting opportunities in your local area.

  • This could be your best resource to find opportunities in the film industry.
  • A coach can help you find the right role and connect you to casting calls and auditions.
  • You can also use your professional network to help you locate a talent agent that can help you find auditions.

Look for casting calls. Online casting calls, auditions and acting jobs are available.

  • Many sites offer to cast services online.
  • Casting calls and auditions for theater are frequently published on theatre websites.
  • Take a look at important newspapers. Open casting calls are often posted in local newspapers.

Social media is a great way to get involved. You can use social media to get auditions.

  • Many actors do not have talent agents and use event pages for advertising open casting calls or auditions.
  • Check out the talent agency pages on Facebook. Talent agents often share opportunities online.
  • Casting calls and auditions can be found on Instagram and Twitter by searching the hashtag 
  • Casting calls and acting opportunities may also be available through your social media connections and friends.

Get in touch with your local film office.

  • This site can be a great resource for legitimate opportunities, casting calls, and auditions.
  • Many films looking for background actors will work with local film offices to share their opportunities, as they often need a lot of talent.
  • A list of current productions will be available at the film office. This can help you get in touch with casting directors looking for talent.
  • You may be able to take acting classes at the film office, which will allow you to improve your craft, connect with others, and get more auditions.


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