Which Drama School is right for me?

Going to drama school will always be a leap in faith. You might not understand the whole picture even if you have a great conversation with a teacher or recent grad. This article will help you decide which drama schools you should audition for and which one you should attend (if accepted to more than one).

Before we jump in, I recommend you audition for as many schools and colleges as possible. Auditing for roles is a great way to get experience as an actor. In most countries, there are between 4-10 great drama schools. You can hedge your bets if you have the money. It would be an incredible achievement to get into a reputable school. Many schools have a limit of 15-30 students, but they still audition hundreds. Although chances are slim, it is possible.

Let’s get started…

Find the best drama school.

Seek out past students

Look out for recent graduates first. These are the best people to get firsthand information about the schools. Drama school graduates are proud of their school. They will be happy to share their experiences if you buy them coffee. Perhaps a few wines would be better to get the full story. You could use your network to see if there are graduates from the schools you’re interested in. This can be not easy if there isn’t a large acting community on this stage. However, it can usually be accomplished with some hustle. Usually, current students help to run the auditions each year. Ask them about their school and don’t be afraid to ask.

Note¬†Every actor has a different experience in drama school. Some actors feel regret about their experiences or are disappointed when they leave. Don’t be influenced too much by the experience of one person.

Open Days

If possible, attend an open day to get a feel for the school’s structure, staff, and facilities. This can be not easy if you don’t live near the drama schools that interest you, but it is the best way to get to know the school. You will see current students, and there will be some discussions. Make the most of the experience and ask as many questions as possible.

Learn online

Many drama schools have websites that provide information about course outlines, current faculty and alumni. This website is a good starting point. Many schools have Wiki pages or other online reviews that you can look at. These should be taken with a grain, but there are many resources available if you do some research.

Who gets work?

You can be Sherlock Holmes if you look at the top managers and agencies in your country to see where their young actors have been trained. The same applies to theatre. What drama do schools keep popping up? They are all successful for a reason.


You will be auditioning for the school’s head or at least two core teachers. You will be able to ask questions as you move up to the recall stage. This is a good idea. Ask questions and listen to your gut instincts. Did you enjoy the audition experience? If you loved the audition experience, you would likely love the school. It may have seemed pretentious or elitist. That is likely how the school will function. You can still get a great education even in a pretentious setting. It all depends on you and your goals for the training and the community.


You will begin to feel the culture and ethos of each school as you do your research. If you dedicate years of your life to studying at drama school, it is important to know the details. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of schools, it’s not a good idea to be too selective. It would be an amazing achievement to get a spot at one school.

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