What are the steps to becoming an actor?

Acting is similar to becoming a plumber or other trade. It takes a passion for it, the ability to train, and then experience it. Finally, you will need contacts and connections to help you get more. It is often believed that you don’t need to be discovered to become an actor. You have an unbridled talent, something that is innately in you. If a casting director just saw you in a cafe, they would be like, “Hey! You are perfect to become Superman. This contract is not for you. It happens occasionally, and I don’t mean that it doesn’t happen every time. It takes hard work every day, passion for telling stories, and dedication to be an actor.

#1 You must act!

Let’s discuss the need. You have a genuine need in your bones. Bryan Cranston, the great actor, known for Breaking Bad, said that it is necessary if you want your bones to function properly. It’s okay to be in the theatre for hobbies and community service. You do you! That is what I love.

#2 Training

First, do I need training? Yes.

Unabashedly, unequivocally yes. It would be a mistake for a doctor to say, “Yeah, I didn’t go into medical school. I just kind of figured it all out as I went,” or a plumber to say, “Yeah, plumbing school just isn’t really for me” or a mechanic to say, “I just sorta feel it out as my go.” Are there any actors who haven’t attended drama school? Yes, Jodie Comer is a remarkable actress from Killing Eve. Ryan Gosling is also famously untrained.

This does not mean that they have never taken an acting class. You can also hire a coach or work in a structured learning environment. I can also throw 50 actors at you who are trained for any actor working.

#3 Experience

Great! Now that you have the knowledge, the training, and the mental toughness, it is time to go out and do it! It is a good idea to get experience in as many areas of life as possible! You don’t have to be a stage actor or a television or film actor. Think of yourself as a student and patron of life. Take every opportunity that comes your way! Do the student films, the community theatre, the profit-share plays, and the independent features. This creative life can be beautiful, strange, wild, and wonderful. People you meet are the most important people on the planet. As you move from gig to gig, the people you meet will keep your creative spirit alive and hold you accountable!

#4 Connections

Personal connections are the final component in making an actor a success. The most important step is to find an agent. A good agent can make the difference between being professional and not. There is nothing wrong with not being a professional actor. It is great to do it for fun! A good agent will be the best connection you make if you’re passionate about acting. Although finding an agent can be difficult, we have written enough articles to show the difficulties.

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