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FACT It’s always a pleasure to see any masterful and captivating performance by Viola Davis. Viola Davis is not only one of today’s most respected and accomplished actors but also one of the most inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting voices in all of entertainment. This artist can talk about anything and everything. Don’t believe me? Take her word for it! Here are some more facts about this role model, trailblazer, star and role model.


“They say that the most important days of a person’s life are the day they were born and the day they discover why.”

“I would say to my younger self, ‘Just be yourself–that’s enough.'”

“I look at women and sometimes I want to ask them if they know how amazing you are. I look back at photos of myself and remember thinking. “I was so fat growing up. When I graduated high school, I weighed 165 pounds. When I graduated from high school, I was 165 pounds.

“Your capacity to adapt to failure and navigate your way through it, absolutely one hundred percent makes you who you’re

“My journey to becoming an actor began with a desire to do something. To be great at something, to get out there. I want to be able to perform the great works of Arthur Miller, Shakespeare, Chekov, and all others. So, I attended acting school. I wanted to be great, so I did what they said, and it was a success.

After you do the work, happiness is yours.

FUN FACT Some might argue that these facts about Viola Davis are not only “fun “… but even more remarkable. Davis was born in St Matthews, South Carolina. She was not born in a hospital but her grandmother’s farmhouse. She was the fourth child of six, and although her childhood was full of happy memories, she stated that it was also filled with poverty.

DAVIS on ACTING…Seizing the Opportunity

“You are looking at a career where less than one percent of people earn 50 grand per year or more. It’s less than 1 percent! Rest, or most of them, don’t have enough money to get health insurance. It costs eleven thousand dollars per year. But what happens when you love something and keep doing it? God intervenes, and suddenly you are flying! This is when you can be the artist and person you’ve always wanted to become. That’s when you need to find a voice that stands out from the rest em>

FUN FACT – Davis was credited in her first role as a character in a feature movie, the 1996 adaptation of “The Substance of Fire”, where she played a nurse. She was only paid $528 for her small speaking role. The filming took just one day. Although the shoot was short, she could use the credit to get her Screen Actors Guild card. This allowed her to rise to professional actor status.

DAVIS on ACTING – The Health Benefits of Craft…

Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner from the Actor’s Studio are big advocates for using LIFE to your advantage… You have to be an observer. You can also be a thief. You must use your skills to some extent. I got a degree as a theatre director and went to Julliard because of the rest. You can take the hurdle in CRAFTING, operative word: “crafting” – crafting a performance is where you can go. You can control your work and a bit of protection because you must shape a performance.

FUN FACT Davis began her career entirely in theatre. She is most well-known for her work on Broadway. After being awarded well-deserved praises and recognition for her screen performances, Davis won two Tonys and three Drama Desk Awards for her plays King Hedley II, Intimate Apparel, and Fences. Still a Broadway darling, she continues to perform theatre alongside her acclaimed screen career.

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