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    • Mr G

      Great. Wake me up when we get to 2014. Can we try to stay in the same year with these trailers please?

    • Hoddy

      Finally a good war movie. Sort of.

    • J W

      cant wait! looks good! love war films, least its based on a real war. enough sci-fi robot/aliens/vampires. gah!

    • RexH

      AKA: Saving Private Art Collections? Hell, all they had to do was follow Goring!

    • Mohan

      Nice attempt

    • Ickool

      Great cast

    • Amy

      Damm George Clooney is good looking!

    • IAN

      Much better than the first trailer. Still kid-stuff, though.

    • appletrailers.us

      good movie thanks

    • reuben

      wow looks awesome

    • Me

      Fab Cast!!

    • Nives De Paoli

      Movie has everything going for it - true story, fantastic cast - looking forward to seeing it!

    • Stuie

      Boy you said it!!


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