Natural Ways to Act

It’s not difficult. It’s easy to act all your life naturally. It’s a little like breathing. It becomes more complicated if you can focus on it. You can overcome it and make your extreme close-ups look vulnerable.

This can be covered with an analogy. It wasn’t easy to learn how to write when you started. Consider all the areas where there was a disconnect. Holding the pencil. You will need to position each finger at an angle. Next, you will need to grip the pencil using hidden muscles. You haven’t even started to get the pencil to put down the marks you want. Imagine picking up a pen so naturally that you no longer think about grip or posture. You don’t even think about how each letter looks. The flow of your thoughts and ink flow is a direct link. All forms of poetry, prose, and analytical observation flow naturally onto the page.

This analogy is quite simple. Although you didn’t take handwriting lessons throughout your school years, you did start to study Language and Literature. This concept of “acting naturally” is your handwriting. Your acting as a craft, however, is your language. This tool can help you unlock a world of ideas and content once you are proficient in writing. Naturalism is the best way to exercise your acting muscles throughout your career. Naturalism is no right or wrong. It’s just one way to make it work.

Once we have established our priorities, this tool of naturalism should be a little easier to use. It’s partly an organic process, so having faith and patience is half the battle. Geoffrey Rush studied clowning at Lecoq’s school and added it to his toolkit. However, this does not mean that he performs only through clowning. Because it was part of his toolkit, it is now part of his final performance.

Like many acting exercises, naturalism is discovered through repetition, analysis and correction. A monologue taken from a Naturalism play can make your life easier. If you feel brave, Strindberg or Chekhov might be a good choice. It’s even more effective if you have a scene partner. They can give feedback and provide real-time feedback. This is important to remember, so a script is fine for beginners. Be present in your delivery and take it slow. You will find truth in every step. You can take it as slowly as you like. This exercise will allow you to say something important to someone you love. They will be patiently trying to figure out what you are saying and why and how it is meaningful to you. You won’t be interrupted by them, so take your time to convey the meaning behind these words. What is the purpose of these words and not any other words? What drives you to reach your monologue target, scene partner or scene partner? You chose these words out of love, hate, spite, anger, or chaos. This is a hard metric to measure success with, but you will feel the words land when you reach naturalism. It is the difference between calling a friend or a receptionist and making a phone call.

Once you have identified what natural acting feels to you, don’t try to mold it. This will return you to square one and create an artificial style. It is more important to discover the libraries than to create the perfect alphabet.

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