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Ghost Bride, Movie

Ghost Bride 2013

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'til death do us part.

Supernatural thriller from New Zealand filmmaker David Blyth (Wound) following the romance between Chinese immigrant Jason Chen and Kiwi girl Skye. When Chen proposes to Skye, tensions arise from his parents and the woman they wanted him to wed, Mei Ling. But the traditional Chinese culture clash is nothing compared to the conflict of two worlds: the living and the dead.

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    • Matt

      Oookeeyy... she's actually a ghost. I think I'll give this one a miss eh. Sorry, Kiwi horrors don't cut it I rekon.

    • Robin

      Saw it. APFF. Emotionally flat. Director doesn't understand how to translate basic emotions. Campy dialogue.O.K. production values.

    • slychick

      Ive seen lots of kiwi movies and they are usually pretty good. this one, not so much.

    • kells

      it looks ok, acting isn't the greatest

    • DaveDoohnan

      Saw it. Just awful. Terrible script, acting and no direction. Dire. Avoid at all costs.

    • paulaparsons

      Just awful. An embarassment to Kiwi cinema. How does this guy keep making movies when they're this poor? :(

    • Tommy

      Saw it. Walked out after 20 mins. Absolutely dire. Sh*t

    • How? Just how?

      How do movies this poorly scripted & directed get made? Amazingly awful.

    • Rhiannon

      At the premiere we just laughed at how poor this was. So so bad.

    • Garbage

      An insult to good filmmaking. Crap of the lowest order. Avoid.

    • Offensive

      Saw the premiere. Really offended by the poor quality script, direction & acting. Shame :(

    • No

      No. Just no. Just terrible. Made us feel sad to think this was made here in NZ :(

    • MovieGoer

      I the movie would have been a lot better if it was just pure romance. Good try, it does show how much a mother looks out for her child.

    • Meh

      Meh. I can't act. I can't judge. It was alright, I reckon, but maybe could be a bit more understanding and deep.

    • scripter maybe lol

      liked the culture put into the film, but scripting could be better

    • :)

      Don't let the criticism get you down. it's something for you to work on and everyone needs some criticism in their life.

    • Max

      Acting was like Kristin Stewart. Dont worry about it

    • Taiwan person

      I think most people that do not understand asian culture might be more bored than others that do. Saying that I did like this movie.


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  • Peter Christian

    Agreed. Worst film I have ever seen - and that's saying something! Just dire.

  • MovieGoer

    I the movie would have been a lot better if it was just pure romance. Good try, it does show how much a mother looks out for her child.

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No stars - in every sense.

SallySellers Wannabe (?)

I'm a big supporter of locally produced movies, so I went to see this hoping for a local treasure. What I got was a poorly produced, direly directed, badly scripted, woodenly acted and downright embarassing insult to NZ film-makers and movie-goers. Just dreadful. How anyone can watch this bilge is beyond me. Don't waste your time. There really should be a minus stars system - because this rates far less than no stars in my opinion and those of the rest of the audience, judging by the talking and walk outs and the guy next to me, who fell asleep and started snoring throughout. A good film for the deaf, blind and dumb though.

Ghost Bride

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