How to audition for Amazon Prime

This article will explore how actors can get auditions and eventually a job on Amazon Prime. We will take a deep look at three actors playing leading roles in the Amazon Original series. Also, we’ll learn about their careers and experience auditioning for Amazon Prime.

If you are looking for the magic bullet that will guarantee an audition or a leading role on a TV show, you won’t find it here. We are looking at real examples to identify common factors that led to actor success and how we can use that information to help us find the right path for our careers.

What is Amazon Prime?

Let’s first define what “Amazon Prime” means. Amazon Studios is the TV and film production and distribution division of multinational technology company Amazon. Prime Video is a streaming service similar to Netflix, Disney Plus and Hulu. Prime Video has a ton of films and shows that were previously produced and distributed by other production companies. Amazon Originals are showing that they are produced and distributed by Amazon Studios. We’ll be discussing how to audition for an Amazon Original.

Amazon Originals

In late 2010, Amazon Studios was launched. It has been home to some great content over the years. However, it is important to remember that casting directors for Amazon Original series are not Amazon casting directors. They work on many different projects for various companies and are not restricted to Amazon projects.

How do you get in front of a casting director and be offered a spot on the next Amazon Original series? We will be looking at three actors who have appeared in Amazon Original series and how they were able to audition for and ultimately star in these shows.

What have we learned?

These case studies show many paths to landing a role in the Amazon Prime Original Series. All of these actors share some commonalities. These are the key points from our case studies that show what it takes to get an audition on Amazon Prime and land that role.

Experience (and credit) are essential.

This might be annoying, especially when you’re just starting, but the folks casting and producing these multi-million/billion-dollar projects need to know they can trust you to deliver. You’ve done the job before, which is one way they can be sure you can do it again. Actors’ careers seem to explode at the moment. People see your work and want to be credited for giving them that breakthrough role. What is clear is that you get a breakthrough role from nothing. Casting directors often offer small parts in low-budget projects, even if you have no credits. You are less likely to be considered a risk the more you work. They had already done enough to prove to the producers, show creators, directors and all others involved that they were capable of delivering when Rachel Brosnahan was chosen for Midge. Although lead actors might be born to be the next big stars, this is not often the case.

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