Are you a selfish actor?

Let’s tackle a common problem with an inexplicably judgmental label. This is a common problem for actors. It is more difficult than you think to overcome this. Selfish Acting is what we are referring to.

Selfish, or solo act. This is the mind space you fall into when you think to yourself, “I’m nailing this!” “What if this happens?” or “My scene partner has great talent!”

Selfish acts don’t necessarily have to be arrogant or scene-stealing. This is one of the first attitudes you will shed if you’re here learning how to improve. This kind of selfish Acting isn’t acting at all because you don’t have a relationship with anyone but yourself. If the situation becomes more about the actor than the relationship built in the scene, selfish Acting is possible. Selfish Acting can be a problem even inĀ monologues. You need to have a loving relationship with your targets and your images.

Drama is real life, with all the boring bits taken out.

It would be best if you gave your full attention to the subject as soon as you entered it. This is harder than just focusing intently. It is similar to trying to hold water. Gripping tightly can be counterproductive, while holding the cup in your hands will work. This is a gentle touch, which takes practice more than an aggressive approach. Your performance will be easier to read by the audience if you support your focus and direct it outwardly.

Selfish behavior is when you and your friend sit down over coffee, and your thoughts wander. This is not a bad thing. This is how we humans process information. To understand their intentions or words, we relate them to situations we have experienced. This is a part of Acting. We need to internalize our partner’s performance to give the right response. This is where the problem lies. This makes the difference between acting in real life and acting in it. Acting requires us to respond with the right response quickly. There is no time for internalization. We are bombarded with options and must choose one. But it might not work, so you try another. The audience will then be lost. It is crucial to have clarity in your performance. Any internalization must be invisible to the viewers. Drama is real life, with all the boring bits removed. It is boring to watch someone trapped in their thoughts and experiences.

Although it’s an obscure concept, Selfish Acting is very common. You must be aware of the inevitable mistakes and keep your head above water. Be gentle but not too cautious.

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